This page is dedicated to providing information on products, services, and other things that The HotSpot staff have used and know is rock solid.

Silver, Gold, & Bullion Buy / Sell Stores

Capitol Coin & Bullion: CLICK HERE for their website.  Capitol Coin & Bullion is a great store to get started with if you’re just starting out buying silver coins, silver bullion, gold, and more.  We much prefer exchanging products or services for bullion as you the customer, get more for your value at The HotSpot. There contact info is below:

Phone: 512-371-5884
Address: You must buy your bullion in person. They are located in North Austin
7304 Burnet Rd Ste A
Austin, TX 78757

Tell them heard about them The HotSpot’s website and that’s what brought you in!

Pre-Paid Debit Card Services

Account Now :  CLICK HERE to register.  Account Now is what we call a universal pre-paid debit card. You can receive western unions, money grams, as well as reloading money on it yourself at a wide variety of local Burnet area merchants. You can also receive your HotSpot commissions on it when you sell us your broken electronics. This allows us to deposit your money instantly onto to an Account Now card. If you don’t like regular banks, this pre-paid card is certainly the card for you.