Basic Services
(Flat Rate Fees are as Follows, EXCEPTION: General Labor...etc)
*Diagnostic Deposit: $25 (Applied toward repair bill)
*Windows/OS Reinstall: $50.00
*Data Recovery: $25.00 (Requires new hard drive of equal size)
Desktop Repair: $20.00
Laptop Repair Labor: $40
Mobile / Tablet Repair: $35
Game Console Repair: $30
TV Repair: $40
General Labor/Other: $40/hr

Basic Services
Repair Pick up/Drop off: $10 per pick up or drop off (30 mile radius from Burnet, outside that add $1.00 per mile)
(Yes, we'll pickup your broken item for repair and drop it off within the greater Highland Lakes area! )

A base charge of $50.00 will be assessed for each trip to the home or office and other services offered (other than pick up/drop off)

Wireless Network Setup: $30 ( Router / Access Point plus 2 devices, add $5.00 per device )
Wireless / Wired Printer Setup: $25
IP Camera / IP or VoIP Phone Setup: $35
Home IP/Web Streaming Media Server Setup: $75 (Cloud Storage)